Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment that meets the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, creative, social, and physical needs of out children.

The staff of St. Andrew Lutheran Church McMannis Preschool and Child Care Center invites you and your child to visit our “school within the church.” Your child will be received into our fold as a gift of God, unique and valued. Children of all races and religions are welcome, and we believe that our school and child care center will provide a warm and loving atmosphere, where each child will be encouraged to grow in creativity and self-esteem.

Marion McMannis (1920-1990) founded this center more than 40 years ago. She believed that child care is a blending of children, family, and resources that meets the needs of individual children spiritually, socially, and intellectually. We continue to practice her philosophy. We encourage Christian attitudes and the desire to learn and grow—both in our children and in our staff.

Most psychologists and educators support the belief that one half of an individual’s measurable intelligence and many of an individual’s attitudes are developed during the first 4 years of life. A child’s intelligence grows as much during the first 4 years as it does during the next 13 years. We believe our program is flexible enough to adapt to change and new ideas and, more importantly, our program is comprehensive and structured to prepare our children ages 2 through 5 for kindergarten.

For children ages 5 through 12, we provide a before and after school program that supplements the elementary school curriculum. Children receive help with homework and participate in a required reading program and other organized activities such as cooking, art, science, movement education, and community service.

As part of the Pinellas County License Board network of preschool and child care centers, we meet and exceed licensing requirements. Our facility, grounds, and records are examined at least twice a year to ensure compliance.

Your tuition and fees help to support this ongoing ministry of the church to the community. The generous donation of books and toys by parents and members of the congregation also helps our classrooms grow.

You are invited to visit and observe at any time. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and participation in all of our activities, such as our open house/PTA meeting at the beginning of the school year. The preschool children present a Christmas program in December and an end-of-the-year and graduation program in May.