We welcome two, three and four year olds to a world of fun, learning, exploring and discovering. We encourage them to be inquisitive, creative and playful. They learn the classroom routine, how to follow directions and how to clean up after a hard day’s play! They are reminded to be respectful, to be good listeners and to use their hands for good touching. Outdoor play is an important part of socialization and free expression in the safe confines of fenced playgrounds; one for the two year olds and one shared by the threes and fours. With eleven hours available for families, the daily routine is:

7:00-8:45 table toys, free play at centers, coloring, stories

8:45-12:00 instructional time with teachers

12:00-1:00 lunch, stories, music, songs, bathroom

1:00-3:00 naps

3:00-3:30 bathroom, putting blankets away and snack

3:30-4:00 learning activities

4:00-4:45 outdoor play

4:45-6:00 free play in centers, coloring, dismissal

The children have chapel once a week in the sanctuary with the pastor, and Bible stories and blessings are integral in our daily routine.

We would like them to be at school by 9:00 and at least until 12:00. They can be picked up any time except during naps.

We have large colorful classrooms, with children’s artwork highlighted on the bulletin boards.

Each classroom has a bathroom in it. The two year olds are assisted with toilet training once the family begins working on training at home. The three and four year olds are expected to be potty trained.

We celebrate the holidays with arts and crafts, performances by the kids, buffet style food provided by the families, and we welcome parents and grandparents! Birthdays are very special to children; we encourage you to provide a celebration snack for your child’s class.

We provide morning and afternoon snacks consisting of two different food groups each time.

Each child has their own cubby where you can keep a change of clothes, a blanket, their lunchbox, show and tell items, jackets and school papers. We put your payment receipts and statements in the cubby, also.

Our exterior doors are always locked, the entry doors have a code that we provide to parents and we change it every few months.

McMannis is licensed and all staff are licensed according to the Pinellas County License Board. All staff have first aid and CPR.

We have VPK for the four year olds, which is free from 9:00 to 12:00. You have the option of paying for wrap around care.

We are an ELC School Readiness provider.

Our doors are open to all seeking a safe, vibrant learning environment focused on teaching young children to have self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem as they explore the world of ABCs and 123s and the joy that comes with loving the Lord.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14