Summer Camp

Summer Camp is for kids who have completed Kindergarten through 7th grade.
June 4 – August 3, 2018
Swim Lessons at Lake Vista pool June 4-14, $39, with Medicaid card, it’s free…it is optional. It is $90 weekly from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Early care at 7:00 is available for an additional $30 per week and late care until 6:00 is $15 per week. This is even if you use one day.
As the school year comes to a close, many families find themselves in a bind while work schedules continue. Some children need a fun, safe place for the entire summer and some need it for a few weeks while they explore summer vacations, time with relatives and specialty camps. McMannis provides camps on a weekly basis but love kids to join is for ten weeks.
We incorporate school review in a fun way with age level worksheets, learning about the states, doing science experiments, cooking and baking and making slime and other crafts. We have nerf wars and bey blades competitions and make rubber band bracelets. We have water days and park days. We have weekly outings which can include going to the public library, Largo Aquatic Center, bowling, skating, Dell Holmes splash park, movies and Rays games!! We have Stretch and Grow Inc coming to do Cheer Camp, Fitness Camp and Sports Camp. We will have Bible School. All of these outings are modestly priced per event, if they aren’t free.
Come and join the fun all summer or a few weeks at a time! We guarantee you will have fun!