Parent Handbook

St. Andrew Lutheran Church McMannis Preschool and Child Care Center

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment that meets the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, creative, social and physical needs of children entrusted to our care.

1901 62nd Avenue South
St. Petersburg, Fl 33712
Telephone: 727-864-3140
Fax: 727-906-4833
License # 690075

The St. Andrew Lutheran Church McMannis Preschool and Child Care Center admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to children at the center. It does not discriminate based on race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship programs and other center-administered programs. Revised August 2016


McMannis is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6 pm. Children arriving before 9:00 will be in the care of a licensed staff member involved in a variety of active play including music, dance and playground activities. The instructional day begins at 9:00 for the preschool children. It is important to arrive in the classroom by 9:00 to avoid interruption and to encourage a love of learning. If you are occasionally late, please notify us, especially if you know the day before. Excessive tardiness is not acceptable, which is more than two unexcused late arrivals in a four week period. In VPK, regular attendance is expected and tardiness is strongly discouraged by the Early Learning Coalition. Please respect the staff with prompt pick up by 6:00 pm. If you are going to be late for any reason, please call the school. Failure to call will result in a late fee of $5 per each 5-minute segment. If you pick up at 6:12, the late fee will be $15.
For elementary kids, McMannis will be open on public school closure days from 7:00 to 6:00. The fee will be an additional $10 per day to the entire weekly payment.


Tuition is due by 6:00 pm every Monday, IF you pay weekly. If you fail to pay the weekly amount by Wednesday, you will have a $20 charge added to your bill. If you pay monthly, the payment is due by the 1st and late after the 10th of each month. If your monthly payment is late, the late fee of $20 will be added to your bill.

Failure to pay tuition for 2 consecutive weeks will result in dismissal until the payment is current. ELC payments MUST be current, and ELC children must attend 5 days.

If you pay by check, put your child’s name on the bottom of the check and the date of the week the payment is for. When you pay cash, have the director or appointed teacher give you a written receipt. Anticipate that some months have four weeks and some have five. Do NOT put money in the lock box without a receipt, we can not be responsible.

If more than two of your checks are returned from the bank, with a $35 fee per returned check, subsequent payments must be cash or a money order.

Tuition payments will not be reduced for early closures due to weather, holidays or illness. Full time students are school age kids who attend afternoons the entire school year. Full time preschool students are those who attend full time from August 1 through July 31. Full time students can take up to 2 weeks vacation per year, without paying. We must have a week’s notice. McMannis will be open all year with the exception of Federal Holidays. ELC children must notify ELC in the case of any time away from school.

A discount of $10 per child will be given for one or more siblings enrolled. If one sibling drops out, the discount is forfeited and full tuition is due for the remaining child.


Parents provide transportation for the children. A one-way flow of traffic is in effect on the church property. Entrance is on the west side of the building marked ENTER. The driveway passes the playgrounds; drive with extreme caution. There are speed tables. The school’s doors are on the east side of the building under the protective overhang. To exit, drive straight to 62nd Ave. S. Be mindful of the public sidewalk.

Our center provides morning care and van drop off at Bay Point and Bay Vista elementary schools, for an additional fee. In the afternoon, we provide van pick up at Bay Vista, Lakeview and Jamerson elementary schools, for an additional fee. We provide staff escorts to walk the Bay Point kids back to McMannis. If your child will not be riding the van or walking back, you must notify McMannis by 1:00 pm that day. Failure to notify the school causes undue delays for the driver, and there will be a $10 charge due next day.

Sign In/Sign Out

You must escort your child to the classroom. Please do not allow them to run in the hall. Make sure the teacher acknowledges your child’s presence. Ensure they enter the classroom politely and with a clean diaper or underpants. Make your departure quickly. Please do not send them in with food or drink at arrival. Please make sure they are fever free and free of a runny nose.

All children must be signed in and out each day, per the Pinellas County License Board. There is a sheet specific to your child, alphabetically, in the notebook. Sign and indicate time for drop off and pick up. This is a licensing rule, so failure on your part to comply with this regulation will result in the dismissal of your child.

If someone other than a “person permitted to remove the child” as indicated on the enrollment form, is picking up your child, please call or email and they need to show identification. If we don’t receive notification and identification, we won’t release the child and will attempt to reach you. If you want to add people at any time, please send a note in and we will add them to the enrollment form.

Do not leave your unattended vehicle running, especially with other children left in the car. Turn off the vehicle, lock it and bring the other children inside with you. It only takes a minute to ensure the safety of all of those in your care. We are discouraging children running ahead to the classroom and/or running to greet you at the end of the day. Please help us enforce this. After you have signed them out, they will be released.

Continued disruptive behavior that interferes with the learning environment will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from the center.

Additional Information for the Preschool Program

Lunches and Snacks
  • We ask that you assist us in teaching good eating habits by providing healthy, balanced and varied lunches. Please, no candy. Send foods that do not require heating or cooling. Staff can not leave the classroom to prepare lunches.
  • We provide a nutritious snack in the morning and afternoon. We are required by law to provide two food groups for each snack. If you ever want to provide snack, we welcome it! Maybe it can go along with the theme for the week or the letter of the week. Getting creative makes your child proud to share at school!
  • Teachers are required to keep a snack calendar for the purposes of allergic reactions your child may incur, and this assists in making a list of possible foods that may have caused a reaction. If your child is allergic, you may provide a supply of snacks that we will give them if they are allergic to snack for the day. You may also provide frozen cupcakes, etc. if your child can not participate in birthday celebration foods.
Potty Training

The two year old staff will assist in potty training, when your child shows signs of learning. At that time, continue sending them in pull ups to prevent accidents that require many steps of cleaning and sanitizing, per the License Board. Most of the children wear a pull up for nap time, for the same reason. The staff will notify you when your supply of diapers and wipes is getting low. Please make sure there are extra clothes in the cubby for accidents, including socks. They MUST be potty trained in the 3s and 4s classrooms.

Aggressive Behavior

We understand that children may have difficulty communicating with words, but our policy is that a child who bites three times will be removed from the school for 2 school days to break the cycle. If it continues after that, they may be dismissed from the school. Biting and other aggressive behavior such as hitting the teacher or other children, throwing toys, knocking chairs over, scratching, pulling hair, pushing, running away from the teacher will all be dealt with firmly and reported to parents for reinforcement of school rules. Children not responding to a combine effort of staff and parents, will be removed for 2 school days to break the cycle. Three occurrences of repeated aggressive behavior will subject your child to dismissal. Aggressive behaviors affect all of the children and often result in copy cat behaviors which can compromise the safety in the classroom. We will respond firmly, quickly and will need your cooperation.


Each child has a cubby for a change of clothes, underpants, socks. An extra jacket is helpful. They need a small blanket for naps. All things need to be labeled. If they are soiled, they will be sent home for cleaning, please return them. If your child is sent home with another child’s clothes, wash them and return the next day along with your child’s spare clothing to keep in the cubby.

School Closure Policy

If the public schools close, McMannis will be closed. We will not be picking kids up and bringing them to the center. Once their school closes, you are responsible for picking them up from school. We will follow their closure decisions that are made in the morning or the night before. Please be aware through the media about the decisions being made about school closures and imminent weather.


It is important and mandatory to communicate between staff and families. We need any email addresses you would like to receive information by, and please update all phone numbers and keep them current. We must be able to reach you. Email is our preferred method of communication. Please reach us at


Preschool children enjoy feeling independent and take great pride in the ability to do things for themselves, especially when using the bathroom. Pulling pants and jeans up and down can be a chore for little fingers, as well as zippers and belts. When clothes pose unmanageable challenges, accidents occur and children become frustrated and upset. We ask that you dress your child as simply as possible, preferably without buckles, belts, straps and buttons and zippers in the back. Avoid body suits, overalls, jumpsuits and tight fitting clothes. Daily successes are very important to children. -Tennis shoes or sneakers with socks are required. Sandals are discouraged due to slipping on the climbing equipment and mulch. They are also not conducive to running and jumping.

  • Please dress your child according to the weather. Layering is very important with our drastic weather changes. Please LABEL all outerwear and blankets.
  • After care kids may want to pack a lightweight jacket in their backpacks when days grow cooler; they do take advantage by being outside for an hour.
Birthday Celebrations

Yes, please! Who doesn’t love a celebration? It can be cupcakes, fruit snacks, ice cream, yogurt, Popsicles, trail mix, etc. please refrain from party favors. Please check with the classroom teacher about the best day and time. We will pass out birthday invitations if everyone in the class receives one, otherwise, mail them or see parents before and after class time.

Water Bottles are encouraged for the After Care kids!